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In-House tourism


It's been a while since my last post. It's crazy to see how a little while can change everybody's life. At least that's how it feels, being in New York City. In fact, what does "Being in New York City" mean these days? I haven't been out in 10 days except to buy groceries 1 block away. American dream, baby!

5th Avenue on a really busy Saturday

This picture and every picture you'll see on this post have been taken 10 days ago. Right before the quarantine began. It's just gotten more lunar since. It's such a strange feeling to be in the most renown street of one of the most symbolic city in the world to walk into a deserted place. That's not the kind of context I imagined a few months ago. But who would have known? Well played, Mr Pangolin!

St. Patrick's Cathedral

A cathedral between two buildings. It's shocking at first. In France, we are used to seeing these being like the central part of a city, as it used to be at the center of people's lives. It was closed, as every single non-essential business in NYC today. Some of them will never reopen.

We made our way to Central Park, as I truly wanted to see it before the quarantine. I wasn't disappointed.

Movie-like road inside Central Park

It really looks like a piece of tranquility within a monster. I immediately understood why New Yorkers love this place. It's so large. Being full time in NYC can be overwhelming, especially in Manhattan, where you barely see the sky in some streets and there's barely any light in some flats. Everyone acted normal this day. Kids were playing with their parents, some were walking their dogs. They're probably all inside now. Can't wait to be back in a few months for my daily after work running!

A few blocks from Central Park

We all know it's going to last for a while. I've been full remote since the start of my internship, and I learn a lot every day. That's what keep me going. The team is great and they try to integrate me as best they can. Everyone is doing his best to keep going. That's how humans work, no matter what we're going through. It will probably be shitty for quite a few more months now. Don't waste your time. Work, learn, spend time with the ones that matter to you. It's easy to fall in sadness, but it's not that difficult to keep your head afloat and try to transform the situation into an opportunity.

One of Central Park lakes

I promised myself that I wouldn't talk about the virus in that blog. But considering the impact that it has on our society these days, it was truly impossible. I hope that I'll have the opportunity to talk about landscapes, lakes and buildings soon!

I'm just one social distancing restriction away from discovering the city!

See you in a while!